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At EMDR Denver, we bring the best EMDR trainings to town, in addition to our monthly free community meetings.

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Unleash Your EMDR: The Basics of Advanced Attachment-Informed Integrative EMDR

Carrara Place 6200 S Syracuse Way, Greenwood Village, CO, United States

Dive deep into the transformative world of Attachment-Informed EMDR with Mark Brayne in this exclusive training event. Gain a profound understanding of early-childhood and evolutionary dynamics that underlie client presentations, moving beyond conventional trauma approaches. Explore innovative techniques in Phase 2 Resourcing, leveraging creative imagination to establish a powerful team of nurturing, protector, and wise figures.

Uncover the art of Proactive Attachment-Informed Target Identification in Phase 3, using Bridging as a therapeutic starting point. Emphasize narrative, emotions, and body sensations in Phase 3 Target Activation, especially when working with childhood-informed attachment narratives.

Join us on a journey of rich, creative approaches in Phase 4 processing, delving into intergenerational narratives, dreams, and Parts. Discover strategies for Revealing, Rewiring, and Repairing maladaptive responses to early-life experiences, with a special focus on maternal and primary caregiver attachment.

Experience a paradigm shift with a much clearer focus on Session Structure, aiming for complete sessions every time. This training is a must for EMDR practitioners seeking advanced techniques and therapists interested in revolutionizing their practice. Seize this opportunity to learn from Mark Brayne, a leading expert, and elevate your therapeutic skills to new heights. Join us for a training that goes beyond the ordinary, unlocking the secrets of Attachment-Informed EMDR.

Get Tickets $347.00 – $397.00

EMDR Consultations

At EMDR Denver we provide EMDR consultations to therapists who are seeking to improve their EMDR work. If you are fresh out of basic training, looking to become a certified EMDR therapist, or interested  in becoming an EMDR consultant, we are here to support you on your path to EMDR mastery. 

Praise FROM
mental health professionals

Jocelyn Fitzerald
Rotem consistently demonstrates a genuine passion for learning and staying on top of the latest techniques. I've not only had the pleasure of reading his insightful book but also shared it with clients and colleagues. Being part of his learning community and taking a course from him highlighted his commitment to teaching with integrity. Rotem's dedication to bringing his A-game to everything he does is truly commendable.
Jocelyn Fitzgerald
Co-author of EMDR and Creative Arts Therapies
Rotem has such a wealth of information and is committed to not only his own learning, but providing spaces and opportunities for therapists across the globe to continue learning, growing and connecting.
Tiffany Simmons
Approved EMDR Consultant
Rotem is one of the most generous, most committed, most enthusiastic and visionary EMDR multipliers I've had the privilege to get to know over 30 years as a therapist and 20 in the field of EMDR. I've reported the world for Reuters and the BBC, and every now and again, a journalist meets someone who burns with clarity, authenticity, passion and goodness. The world of EMDR is very fortunate to have folk like Rotem in this new generation now driving things forward, and with my colleagues at EMDR Focus, we're thrilled to be working together now on Unleashing (our moniker...) Attachment-Informed EMDR in the US.
Mark Brayne
Author, Unleash Your EMDR

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