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At EMDR Denver, we obsess over your outcomes with therapies that change the brain. Rewiring your brain results in a quieter mind, better well-being, and an upgraded YOU.

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EMDR Therapy

Depression, anxiety, and trauma are treatable conditions. We help people like you every day to heal from emotional struggles. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy is our specialty. Are you ready to live life to the fullest? 

EMDR Training

Are you an EMDR therapist looking to grow and improve your practice? At EMDR Denver, we bring world-renowned EMDR trainers to Denver. Are you ready to take your EMDR practice to the next level. 

We are EMDR Denver

At EMDR Denver we provide unique therapy experience that is tailored to your individual needs. We don’t limit what we do to conventional models, and believe that every person deserves an authentic experience in order to heal and grow. 

Don't leave your mental health to chance

Have you tried therapy before? Did you find it ineffective? The reality is that most therapies don’t work in the long run. At EMDR Denver, we focus on what works. EMDR therapy is our specialty, and your healing journey is what we care about most. 

Therapy that works

Not all therapies are created equal. We focus on the types of therapy that will help you heal.

Talk less. Process more

With EMDR therapy as our primary therapeutic modality, we will help you process anything that causes you to feel emotional distress.

We are EMDR experts

EMDR therapy is our expertise. We are dedicated to our professional growth, so we can be better at helping you. 

start your healing journey

Are you ready to start your healing journey? There is nothing that excites us more than being with you on the path to healing.

Praise From
Mental Health Professionals

Rotem Brayer is one of the most heart-felt, knowledgeable psychotherapists I've ever met. The combination of his warm, friendly personality combined with immense clinical skillset with EMDR therapy is ideal. I recommend Rotem for anyone seeking quality therapy from someone who truly cares.
Jackie Flynn
EMDR Consultant and Trainer
Rotem Brayer is in the new generation of thought leaders in EMDR Therapy. Creative, open-minded, and committed to building community, please consider taking in what he has to offer.
Dr. Jamie Marich
Author, Dissociation Made Simple
Sandra's Birthday is Worth Celebrating with FAMILY!
Rotem Brayer's passion for helping his clients to heal is evident from the moment he speaks. As an EMDR Therapist his desire for his clients is that they are set free from their wounds to live fuller and healthier lives. The space he creates feels safe, non-judgmental, and warm. I highly recommend Rotem as a therapist.
Sandra B. Stanford
EMDR Consultant and Trainer

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