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At EMDR Denver we believe that every human should live their life to the fullest. We are committed to facilitating healing and growth, with the power of EMDR and cutting edge therapies and technology. 

EMDR therapy with a personal touch

At EMDR Denver, we believe that every therapy experience should be unique and individual. Cookie-cutter psychotherapy is not and cannot be effective. Our personal touch, combined with our EMDR expertise is your recipe for success. 

About EMDR Denver

Starting therapy can be challenging. At EMDR Denver, we will make this process as easy as possible for you. Our compassionate approach and our EMDR expertise will help you feel at ease at any step of your healing journey. 

Rotem Brayer

Rotem Brayer


Frequently asked questions

The short answer is: No. We can, however, send you a superbill and depending on your insurance you may get reimbursed. 

We do! We are offering both in-person and virtual therapy sessions. 

It is! Until the COVID-19 pandemic very few people used EMDR virtually. Since the pandemic, EMDR practitioners around the world have used virtual EMDR successfully. 

While EMDR therapy was originally developed to treat trauma. We now have mountains of scientific research showing the efficacy of EMDR for depression, anxiety, attachment-related issues, OCD, and other mental health conditions. 

In some situations, when done by inexperienced practitioners, EMDR can lead to an increase in anxiety, depression and trauma-related symptoms. 

Yes you can. Dissociation requires some attention, but is not a contraindication for EMDR treatment. Don’t believe us? Listen to our conversation with Dr. Jamie Marich

This is the one question we can’t answer. EMDR therapy can take anywhere from a few sessions to a few years. 

No. Although many of our clients want to stay in therapy, they often reduce the frequency of their therapy sessions. This, like anything we do, will be tailored to your individual needs.

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